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Ever been hit with a hankering for some delicious bites from your favorite restaurant, only to realize that cash is all you’ve got in your wallet? Totally understand how frustrating that can be when digital payments aren’t an option.

Especially considering that plenty of folks across the country are underbanked and prefer using cash. Don’t worry; our guide’s got your back! We’ll show you which food delivery apps cater to your cash-carrying convenience so you can satisfy those cravings without a hitch.

Get ready to tuck into a world of yummy deliveries, no plastic required!

Key Takeaways

  • Some food delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub allow you to pay with cash.
  • Always have exact change ready when paying for your delivery to make it easy for the driver.
  • Cash payments are great for people who don’t have credit or debit cards.
  • Look for a food delivery app that has lots of restaurant choices and safe payment methods.
  • Check if the app works in your area and offers real – time tracking of your order.

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps That Accept Cash

When it comes to food delivery apps that accept cash, there are a handful of options out there. From DoorDash and Uber Eats to Grubhub and EatStreet, these apps make it easy for users to pay with cash for their meal deliveries.


We love getting our favorite meals delivered right to our door, and DoorDash makes it easy. Even better, DoorDash is one of the apps that gives us the option to pay with cash for certain restaurants.

We just choose the ‘Cash on Delivery’ option when we place an order at a restaurant that accepts it. This way, everyone can enjoy delicious food from local eateries without needing a credit card or digital wallet.

Paying with cash might mean being ready with the exact change, but it’s great for those times when we want to use physical currency. Plus, giving tips in cash ensures our appreciation goes directly to the delivery person who brings our food hot and tasty.

With DoorDash, using cash for meal delivery helps keep things flexible and accessible for all of us who prefer this traditional method of payment.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is part of the food delivery services that allow cash payments, adding convenience for customers who prefer this payment option. With Uber Eats, we have the flexibility to pay in cash upon delivery, which is especially helpful for those without credit or debit cards.

This means that users can enjoy a wide variety of meal choices and have the ease of paying with cash on hand when using this popular food delivery app.


Grubhub stands out as a leading food delivery app with the flexibility of cash payment. This popular platform offers users the convenience of paying in cash for their meal deliveries, ensuring accessibility for those without credit or debit cards.

With Grubhub, customers can easily enjoy meals from their favorite restaurants and pay using this traditional method, providing a seamless and inclusive dining experience.

Furthermore, Grubhub’s acceptance of cash payments makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking financial flexibility when placing delivery orders. The ability to pay with cash provides an additional layer of convenience and freedom, catering to diverse customer preferences in the realm of food delivery services.

Notably, Grubhub’s integration with digital services ensures a secure and effortless transaction process, elevating the overall experience for users seeking varied payment options.


EatStreet is a convenient food delivery app that accepts cash payments, providing flexibility for customers who prefer this payment method. With a wide selection of restaurants and merchants available on the platform, users can order their favorite meals and pay in cash upon delivery.

EatStreet also offers features such as delivery tracking, ensuring that customers can monitor the status of their orders in real-time. Additionally, the integration with digital services provides a seamless and secure payment experience for those choosing to pay with cash.

Let’s now explore some useful tips for paying with cash when using food delivery apps like EatStreet.


Now that we’ve covered some food delivery services, such as DoorDash and EatStreet, let’s dive into Seamless. Seamless is another popular food delivery app where users can pay for their orders in cash if they prefer.

This provides convenience and flexibility to customers who may not have a credit or debit card. With options like Seamless offering cash payment, it’s easier than ever for people to enjoy the convenience of online food ordering without the need for electronic payment methods.

Tips for Paying with Cash

Always make sure to have exact change ready when paying for your food delivery with cash. It will help make the transaction smoother and more convenient for both you and the delivery person.

Also, consider giving a cash tip as a token of appreciation for their service.

Have exact change

When paying with cash for food delivery, it’s essential to have the exact change ready to make the process smoother and more efficient. This ensures that there are no issues with payment and helps delivery drivers deliver orders promptly.

Additionally, having the correct amount ready also makes transactions easier for both parties involved.



Give cash tips

When giving cash tips for food delivery, it’s important to have exact change ready to make the transaction smooth and convenient for both the delivery driver and yourself. This ensures that the process is efficient and avoids any complications with change.

Moreover, providing a generous tip reflects appreciation for good service and encourages positive interactions with delivery drivers.

As technology enthusiasts, we value seamless transactions; therefore, being prepared with correct change and offering a thoughtful tip can enhance our overall experience with cash-accepting food delivery services.

Importance of Cash-Accepting Delivery Services

Cash-accepting delivery services are crucial for providing accessibility to those without credit or debit cards, allowing for financial flexibility and convenience. These services cater to a wider range of customers who may prefer or only have the option to pay with cash, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the convenience of food delivery.

Accessibility for those without credit/debit cards

Many food delivery apps accepting cash are making it easier for those without credit or debit cards to access their services. Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash all provide the option to pay in cash, opening up a world of convenience for customers who rely on traditional payment methods.

For individuals looking for fast food delivery that accepts cash, Uber Eats offers this option, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of restaurants and cuisines. Moreover, Toast Takeout is another platform allowing users to order from various local eateries using the convenient payment method of cash.

Moving on to “Financial flexibility” –

Financial flexibility

Food delivery services that accept cash provide financial flexibility, making it easier for customers without credit or debit cards to order their favorite meals. This option allows users to pay with cash upon delivery, ensuring accessibility and convenience for a wide range of customers.

With the availability of multiple food delivery apps offering cash payment options, individuals can enjoy the flexibility of choosing how they want to settle their bills for their delivered meals.

Additionally, these platforms cater to different customer needs by allowing them to use the most convenient payment method for them. The financial flexibility provided by these apps not only benefits those who prefer using cash but also ensures that everyone has access to a variety of food delivery options without being limited by their preferred payment method.

Features to Look for in Cash-Accepting Delivery Apps

When choosing a food delivery app that accepts cash, it’s important to look for availability in your area, secure payment options, and integration with digital services to make the ordering process as seamless as possible.

Additionally, make sure the app offers a wide selection of merchants and restaurants to choose from.

Availability in your area

Check for the availability of cash-accepting food delivery apps in your area. Popular services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, EatStreet, and Seamless may offer this option but it’s important to verify with individual restaurants.

Additionally, some fast-food places and Chinese food options on platforms like Uber Eats also accept cash for delivery. Keep in mind that while these apps may provide the service, not all restaurants on these platforms might accept cash upon delivery despite payment acceptance via the app.

Delivery tracking and time

The delivery tracking and time feature on food delivery apps allows us to monitor the status of our orders in real-time and receive accurate estimations for when our meals will arrive.

Some apps even offer GPS tracking so we can see exactly where our delivery is on a map. This feature ensures that we can plan accordingly and be ready to enjoy our meal as soon as it’s delivered, adding convenience and peace of mind to the entire process.

With this functionality, we can stay informed about the progress of our order every step of the way.

Safe and secure payment options

When using food delivery apps that accept cash, it’s crucial to ensure safe and secure payment options. Many of these platforms offer features such as encrypted payment processing and secure transaction protocols to safeguard users’ financial information.

This provides peace of mind for customers paying in cash for their food deliveries, knowing that their personal data is protected.

Food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub and EatStreet prioritize the safety of cash transactions through their app interfaces. These measures make it convenient and secure for customers who prefer to use cash as a payment method when ordering meals from various restaurants available on these platforms.

Integration with digital services

Food delivery apps integrating with digital services offer a seamless and convenient way to order meals online. With features like real-time delivery tracking, secure payment options, and wide-ranging restaurant selections, these platforms provide an integrated experience for users.

The availability of cash payment alongside these digital services offers customers the flexibility to choose their preferred method of transaction while enjoying the convenience of app-based ordering.

Moving forward, let’s explore the various benefits associated with these essential features in cash-accepting food delivery apps.

Wide selection of merchants and restaurants.

When considering food delivery apps that accept cash, a wide selection of merchants and restaurants plays a crucial role. Many users seek diverse cuisine options, and Seamless, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, EatStreet all offer an extensive range of restaurants to choose from when paying with cash for their deliveries.

This broad selection ensures that customers can satisfy their cravings while enjoying the convenience of using cash as their preferred payment method.

With these platforms offering varied merchant options ranging from fast food to fine dining establishments and local eateries, customers have the flexibility to order from their favorite spots or explore new culinary experiences while utilizing the ease of cash payments for added convenience.


In conclusion, the convenience of cash payment options for food delivery apps offers accessibility and financial flexibility to users without credit or debit cards. With careful consideration and tips for paying with cash, these services bridge the gap in food delivery offerings.

Integrating into daily life seamlessly, restaurants that accept cash orders on these platforms provide a valuable service for those seeking convenient meal options. Balancing this convenience are potential drawbacks such as limited restaurant availability accepting cash on delivery platforms.

Nonetheless, the overall value and effectiveness of utilizing food delivery apps that accept cash offer significant benefits to their intended audience, making them a worthwhile option to explore.

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